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American Medical Shockwave Society’s purpose is to provide a non-commercial, educational-based space for healthcare providers in the United States involved in medical shockwave, foster knowledge exchange, research and advancement of the technology and treatment for improved health, and establish a consensus for care.


We invite all to become active to advance the goals of the Society. As a new Society, it is FREE TO JOIN IN 2023.

About Us

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Education & Research

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What is Shockwave?

True, high energy, shockwave is an acoustic pulse that stimulates a mechanotransduction effect to stimulate healing. One of the first applications in the United States was use at high levels to break up kidney stone(s) (lithotripsy) so they can be passed without additional interventions. At a lower energy level, the treatment can promote healing.  Some applications include fracture healing (mal-union or non-union), calcified tendons, degenerative tendons (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff, jumper’s knee [patellar], Achilles), sexual dysfunction, aesthetics, and more.

The high energy can be delivered by electrohydraulic, electromechanical, or piezoelectric.

Lower-level pulse wave therapy, sometimes referred to as EPAT (extracorporeal pulse activation therapy) or radial “shockwave” is not true “shockwave” and generates a pressure wave to stimulate healing. Depending on the pathology/problem, this modality may be as effective and high energy shockwave.

Our History

The European Society for Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy (ESMST) was established in 1997 and with international involvement became the International Society for Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy in 1999.

Shockwave research has been expanding with increased interest in the United States and adoption of this technology for various pathologies. However, there was a lack of a community to learn more, connect with peers, discuss and advance research, and develop guidance, etc. Therefore, Jay E, Bowen, DO collaborated with Brice Blatz, MD and Robert Monaco, MD to form the first United States shockwave society, which is a non-profit (501c3) entity.

As a fledgling organization, we have focused on musculoskeletal pathologies (orthopedics, physiatry, sports medicine, podiatry, physical therapy, chiropractic, etc.), but welcome all who use and research this technology with desired inclusion of nephrology, urology, Ob/Gyn for urolithiasis/nephrolithiasis and sexual health, dermatology, plastic surgeon, and aestheticians for cosmetics, neurology for neurodegenerative disease, cardiology, dental, wound healing, and basic and clinical researchers just to name a few. As the Society grows, we will develop section heads for each of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).